Sling-Away Treat Dispensing Launcher Dog Toy by Pet Life

Sling-Away Treat Dispensing Launcher Dog Toy by Pet Life

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The Pet Life Sling-Away treat dispensing dog toy squeaker is perfect for dog owners looking for a fun and interactive way to reward and treat their dogs. Teaches control and hard work while helping with proper cognitive behavioral traits like a puzzle feeder. Simply place the treats inside the mouth of the toy and fling away, watch your dog chase the toy and use their tongues to extract the inner treats. This toy also squeaks when being played with. Composed of TPR material that is both durable and flexible and great massaging gums when chewed on. Available in Multiple Colors.
Sizing Guide: Size Dimensions LxWxH (In Inches): 12.59 x 4.9 x 3.26
The ultimate interactive toy that's great for cognitive activity, while helping ease digestion and improving oral hygiene
Features a sling-shot mechanism, a fun and engaging way to feed your pet through fetch
Composed of thick and durable TPR material, that's soft like rubber yet flexible like plastic. The rivets within the mouthing treat placement area help clean or brush teeth in promoting healthy gums by assisting in the removal of plaque or tartar during playing or feeding
A fun and engaging way to interact with your pet, perfect for both Diabetic dogs and dogs that are teething
Available in Multiple Colors

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