PupProtector™ Memory Foam Car Dog Bed

PupProtector™ Memory Foam Car Dog Bed

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Give your pup a place to feel secure and comfortable in your vehicle with the PupProtector™ Memory Foam Car Dog Bed – the first car bed with human-grade memory foam. The memory foam travel pet bed is equipped with a durable and machine washable cover, pressure-relieving memory foam base, waterproof memory foam liner, and adjustable straps meant to help the bed stay put while the car is moving. The innovative bed is also designed with supportive bolsters for extra spine and neck support to keep your dog comfy and safe on car rides.


  • Comfortable: Human-grade memory foam and supportive bolster cushions provide extra spine and neck support
  • Safe: Attached seat belt leash straps that can attach to the dog's harness, adjustable straps that go over the headrests and loops on the back of the bed where the car seatbelt slips through to hold the bed securely in place
  • Durable: Equipped with a durable, removable, and machine washable cover and waterproof memory foam liner


  • Single Seat (22" x 16" x 13")
  • Double Seat (36" x 18" x 13") 
  • Full Back Seat (48" x 18" x 13")
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