Lick of Swagger Bowl

Lick of Swagger Bowl

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Swag isn't a behaviour it's an attitude ...

This double pet bowl is now serving you swag in style!


The Lick of Swagger Bowl is your go-to for any chic and stylish Pup or Cat. Its eye-catching design with its smooth curves and bright colors make it an ideal addition to any decor. Its superior quality and construction make it durable and reliable. Add a touch of sophistication and style to your decor with the Lick of Swagger Bowl!

-Every bowl comes with insert for ease of cleaning and feeding.

-Brass/Chrome electroplated mirror finish custom Bootzy Couture bowls with removable insert.

-All bowls come with free custom Bootzy Couture polishing cloth

Measures : 14 cm wide on top, 4 cm high, 17 cm long on bottom 

Size chart

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