Eau De Parfum Spray - Royal Baby

Eau De Parfum Spray - Royal Baby

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Royal Baby is a fresh royal fragrance for pampered, eternal puppies.
Fruity top notes of orange and litsea merge into an enchanting heart of talc, violet, rose and cumin and an enveloping finish of musk, vanilla, sandalwood and coconut.
The essence of sweetness for true puppies…

The luxurious and refined collar enveloping the bottle encourages to discover the exclusive fragrances and the label in silver leaf reveals all the details of these numbered collectible scents.
The elegant rounded bottles are crowned with a silver cap enriched by a Prince and Princess bow in grosgrain.

Instructions:  Vaporize onto the palms of your hands and apply while petting the back and sides.  Do not spay directly on your dog or cat.  Do not apply to face or near your pets eyes.


3.4 oz - 100ml 

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