Animal Dura-Chew Durable Plush Tugging Dog Toy

Animal Dura-Chew Durable Plush Tugging Dog Toy

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The Pet Life Animal Dura-chew tough dog toy features a strong heavy grade exterior shell composition made with tough Nylon and Polyester fibers. Features reinforced stitching all around for enjoyable tough tug play with a strong resistance to bite while engineered to last. This toy is also water resistant and super easy to clean. Available in Multiple Colors.
Sizing Guide: Size Dimensions LxWxH (In Inches): 13 x 6.2 x 3.5
Composed of super-durable tough exterior nylon shell
Provides a strong resistance to bite, engineered to last!
Features dual-reinforced stitching for added durability
Inner lined with Eco-Friendly recyclable inner plush polyfill, completely water resistant and easy to clean
Available in Multiple Colors

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